• Doctoral Symposium

The ACM MMSys'24 Doctoral Symposium (DS) will be part of the main conference in Bari (Italy), targeted at students being enrolled towards a doctoral degree in a field relevant to the themes of MMSys (refer to the calls for papers on the various tracks and workshops). If you are a PhD candidate who has found yourself reading or referencing work presented at MMSys in the past, or if for you the scope of MMSys makes you feel that this is a community that you would benefit from being part of, then your application to join the ACM MMSys’24 DS will be very welcome.

The DS is a forum for you to share your work and ideas with fellow PhD students and with more experienced researchers in your field. You will get the chance to present your plans, ideas, results and more excitingly, ask your questions and request advice from the ACM MMsys community. The DS will take the form of: (i) a short pitch session at which you will have the chance to introduce your proposal to the whole ACM MMSys audience in a plenary session; and (ii) a poster session at which you will have the chance of richly discussing with the interested fellows. In addition, a dedicated session (e.g. social lunch) with an experienced senior fellow, and ideally a postdoc fellow, in your topic will be scheduled so that you can get deeper feedback and tips.

If you are successful in your application to join the DS, you will get a free registration that will allow you to attend ACM MMSys’24 tracks, unless you are also a presenter of another paper in another ACM MMSys track. ACM MMSys is an inclusive, growing, and interdisciplinary community, so if you are not sure whether the specifics of your research are in scope then, feel free to ask the DS chairs and they will do their best to advise you.

For the DS, ACM MMSys invites ‘middle’ and ‘early’ stage PhD students, but also welcomes early stage researchers who are currently preparing their PhD proposal. If you are still struggling with your PhD research questions, or if you have established your questions but still have at least a year of work ahead before the submission of your dissertation, then you can benefit from the DS. A research proposal paper of up to four pages (PDF format, excluding references) is required to apply for joining the DS. The proposal should include the author name and affiliation, and should be in ACM style format. The proposal should be well organised and structured in a way that demonstrates the links between the concepts presented. It should clearly specify:

  • A real-world problem or theoretical foundations that relate to and motivate the PhD
  • The concrete research challenge / questions that the (proposed) PhD is addressing and how this fits into the bigger picture of other research that addresses the real-world problem
  • The objectives and scope of the research
  • The main contribution(s) of the research to multimedia systems and a justification why the contribution will lead to a PhD
  • Limitations in the state-of-the-art that you intend to address, and if applicable, first results including an evaluation with respect to the state-of-the-art

As an accompanying material to the submission, you would need to provide a letter of support from your supervisor or mentor.

Your submission will be peer reviewed by experts, which will also be an opportunity to get feedback about your work.

If accepted, you can choose whether your proposal should be published as a paper in the ACM DL or if you prefer to opt-out from this option (e.g., because your impression is that it is not ready for publication yet). If your accepted proposal should be published as a paper in the ACM DL, then you must also include:

  • The methods used to achieve the objectives and the proposed solution(s), including a brief description of the work done so far and a tentative plan for future work
  • Optionally, URLs to code repositories and/or related demos

Physical attendance to MMSys’24 will be required to participate in the DS, and thus to present your work to the community. During the conference, selected PhD students will be also encouraged to bring demos of their work, to be presented during the demo track. If interest and feasible, PhD students must contact the DS chairs to plan the required steps.

Finally, PhD candidates can also apply for mentorship to get guidance during the preparation and submission process of their papers. If requested, DS chairs will find an expert in your topic who can mentor you throughout the process.

If you have any questions on the DS, feel free to contact its chairs (Niall Murray & Mario Montagud).

Submission Info


  • Mentorship Request: January 31, 2024 by email to the DS chairs.
  • Registration, submission, notification, and Camera Ready Deadlines available here.

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Information and guidelines available here.