• Visa application


All participants must ensure that they have obtained any visa that may be required to visit Italy before travelling. Information on visa requirements can be found at https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/enexternal link. Further information is available from your local Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Italy is part of the EU and the Schengen area, so EU/CH citizens do not need a visa. If you are uncertain of your situation, please check the website above and fill out the form.

Apply for a Visa

Would you need a visa, the page at https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/enexternal link will guide you through a series of steps based on your country of origin. When asked “Reasons for your stay?”, choose “Study” and follow the instructions.

Official letters of invitation, designed to help overcome administrative difficulties in certain countries, will be sent upon request after registration is complete, and upon receipt of the appropriate registration payment from the participant. It must be understood that such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of the Conference to provide any financial assistance. All expenses incurred in with relation to the Conference are the sole responsibility of the participant. Participants requiring an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa to attend the Congress, should contact the Organising Secretariat at: luisella@cicsud.it

Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the participant to take care of his/her visa requirements. Participants who do require an entry visa must allow adequate time for the application procedure. You should allow approximately 12 weeks prior to the Conference, although this process may take longer in some countries. If a participant’s visa application is turned down by the embassy/consulate, the participant may apply to the Organising Secretariat for a refund of his/her registration fee. Full proof that the visa application was denied must be provided.